In een stil moment album cover

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In Een Stil Moment

Title : In Een Stil Moment
Release Date : March 12, 2003
Label : ,
Catalog ref. : MIL031201
Format : CD

The album “In Een Stil Moment” is a worthy successor of the album “Een Vriend Voor Altijd”. Like other albums, this album contains songs of comfort and security, about God’s immeasurable love. The song “Laat Een Loflied Klinken” is recorded with the whole family. It has it’s roots in Africa, Tanzania. It is sung as: “Hakuna Hu kun ge ma we we”. Willy discovered this song during her trip to Tanzania in August 2004. Together with the children she sings “Vul Mijn Hart” and “Het Wonder van de Schepping”.

This album contains a beautifull illustrated booklet containing all the lyrics.