Like A Blooming Rose

‘Like A Blooming Rose’ is the latest releas of Willy Kollen
The first song is called: ‘Never alone ‘ and is based on Psalm 120 : 4- 8.
On this English-language CD various encouraging and comforting songs.

In 2016, when the English-language CD was ready, I traveled to Jerusalem with the first 162 CDs. My wish was to bring them there first, where Jesus himself walked. I was allowed to deliver 30 in the Christchurch bookshop in the heart of the Old Town.
I could hand out the others. Shortly thereafter I made a Vision trip to the Logos Hope the Mercy Ship which was then in Durban Z. Africa.
I was allowed to leave 150 CDs on the ship in the bookshop.
They are distributed worldwide.
What a blessing to be able to pass on the message of God’s immeasurable Love. .

A reaction from Amerika:

 Dear Willy,

Congratulations on the beautiful cover & photos of you on your CD.
Just loved it, the songs are so inspirational, so much meanings, and of course loved your voice.
You have been so busy with your singing, and now hope you get all that you wish for with it.

I had a tour through the internet of the “Logos Hope”, wow what a ship and the good it does.

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